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Utilities – gas, electricity, water in Debrecen Hungary

Utilities in Debrecen, Hungary

In the past few years the utilities have become more expensive (not only in Hungary). Costing almost as in western countries.

Gas is mainly used for cooking and heating.  The gas supplier in Debrecen is TIGAZ (  The bills are monthly estimates with meter readings taken only once a year and a bill sent out for any outstanding payments or you can report each month your meter reading (online, phone) and pay as much as you use. I would advise to report each month and no surprise bill at the end of the year or at the end of your rental contract.

Electricity is mainly used for lighting and household appliances. The electricity utility company in Debrecen is E.ON ( The payment method and my advise is the same regarding payments.

Water and  sewerage supplier is the Debreceni Vizmu Zrt. (  Tap water is safe to drink, but you might will not like the taste of it. Price:  219 Huf/m3. We have a wide selection of bottled mineral waters.

Central heating is still very common in Debrecen.  You can not control the temperature with the old version of  central heating. The start and the end of the heating season is decided by the company. They started to renew the old system. With the new system you can control the temperature. This makes it cheaper. In these buildings the same company provides the hot water too.

Community fee covers the cleaning of the building, elevator (if there is one), gardening, trash fee.  The fee depends on the building (newer, older, modern). 3-8000 Huf/month. No community fee in private houses.

Trash fee.  If you stay in a private house you pay trash fee. Once a week, the same day, they come to collect. If you have more than fits your trash you have to buy special bags from the company. If your extra trash is not in this bag they will not take it away.
You can reduce your trash by categorizing your trash, i.e. paper, bottle, etc.

With an energy efficient home and attitude you can save each month!

Sometimes some or all of these fees are included in the rental fee of an apartment and sometimes it is not, it depends on the rental agreement. Also some owners take care of paying all these bills for you and charge you afterwards for the amount. If you are mooving to a new apartment, you need to know this so not to get a overdue bills down the line.

Also you have to be aware of getting all numbers (gas meter, electric meter etc.) from the above services written down when you move in so when your rental time is over and the final bill comes, you pay exactly what you should pay, not more and not less.



If you want help on this issue or other issues regarding getting settled in Debrecen Hungary, offers services in this area, including but not limited to:  finding new apartments, transportation, communication with landlords, authorities, immigration or other officials.  It can be good to have a local English/Hungarian speaking person helping out and getting things worked out faster and easier, espesially as English is not spoken by the vast majority in Debrecen.


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